1. Disconnect the AC adapter from the power supply . Take off the cover while keeping the unit stable. Disconnect the DC plug from the unit.
2. If there is water left in the tank, pour it from the drain side. DO NOT pour from the air outlet side or water may flow into the unit.  

3.  Use a damp cloth or Q-tip with water or diluted mild kitchen detergent to clean the ultrasonic mechanism and machine body. 

Please DO NOT use chlorine, acidic or enzyme-based detergents to clean outside or inside of the unit.  

IMPORTANT: DO NOT press heavily or scratch the ultrasonic mechanism in the water tank during cleaning. 

4. Add water into the tank with the water cup. Install the cover. Activate the unit to operate for 30 minutes. Clean it after pouring out the remaining water. DEEP CLEANING: We also recommend doing a vinegar soak. Often times, mineral buildup and/or oil residue build-up prevent the sensor from misting effectively or detecting the low water level. To do the vinegar soak, just fill the unit up to 100ml and then the rest with water and let soak for several hours. Then use a cotton swab to clean the ultrasonic disc.